My Choice as a Student

Hi welcome to my new Blog where I will be talking about hospitals in Boston and the Real Estate around it. Now we all know when new Medical Students come to town they will need somewhere nice and fancy to live. So why not Longwood apartments? You have Beth Israel and Children’s hospital right in the middle of the action. It is a perfect location for new or old doctors who practice medicine. I personally live n the Longwood area, and I love it. I usually refer all my friends and family to come to Boston to take in the scenery and enjoy the safeties of the city. I love it so will you!


Children’s hospital is well renowned for being one of the top children s hospital on the planet. Beth Israel is another Medical facility that is known for excellent healthcare. You also have the Dana Farber cancer institute right next door they are also a well known medical facility. Than on the other side of the Longwood Medical area you have the Joslin center for diabetes. I am proud to call myself a proud Bostonian, we are not only know for our sports teams but we are also know for our Schools and hospitals.

Now if your are planning to move out here to Boston please please let me recommend the Longwood area, on the other side you do have Brigham and Woman’s hospital next to Mission Park. Brigham and Woman’s Hospital is also known especially a great place to give birth to your child! My son and daughter were born there I can say its the bomb! The Nurses are awesome with your child and show love and care, this is another reason to be close to some of the best institutions in the world.

I remember when my son was born it was snowstorm and it was a blessing to be so close to the facilities big thanks to my Real Estate agent who convinced me to be close. He convinced me that it would be the best choice of my life and it was! My wife went into labor and we simply just walked over, well I walked over she wobbled! Lol. Don’t tell her I said that. If you don’t want to take my word for it just get in contact with a local agent in Boston and let them tell you that being close to the best hospitals in the world is the smartest thing you can do!

Healthcare for the Homeless

In Boston Mass there is a organization by the name Boston Healthcare for the Homeless. BHCHP is a non profit organization that provides Medical care to the Homeless in the street. These targeted individuals are called “Rough Sleepers”. BHCHP was founded in 1985 and has continued to serve the undeserved population since then, it all started with one doctor and a nurse with a vision. Nurse Barbara Mcinnis was a founding member of the medical respite program for the Homeless individuals that come off the street. It is still up and running. It was first housed in Jamaica Plain Ma on Walnut Ave.

As years went on the respite program and staff grew along with the need so Bhchp went on looking for new Real Estate to hold a growing organization. After a long hard search for such a facility to handle the need Boston Medical Center had a building they no longer needed on Albany Street it was the old city morgue. Kinda Creepy if you ask me. The program put in a bid and landed the building of their dreams. This new building was immediately renovated and opened up in early 2000. Everything was shifted from Walnut ave to Albany street, it was a great time for the program.

So what about the old building on Walnut ave? The program did not want to give that building up and they fought like heck to keep it and they did. It was not easy as it sounds, even though the program was born there the neighborhood did not want to give the building up for any more “Homeless Business” . It took some time and lots of legal maneuvering and posturing before the city finally granted them the property they so coveted. It is amazing to see how all this has transitioned from a dream in 1985 to take care of the vulnerable in the street to a big organization that gets global recognition in Medicine and serving the less fortunate.

As for the respite program it continues to serve the Homeless population and offer a place for someone to be when they cannot control there health issues on the street. It is amazing medical Facility and will be around for years to come. Boston Health Care for the Homeless is a pillar in the medical community and they will continue to look for more expanding opportunities when new Real Estate is available. They will be there for the next 30 years!

Childrens Hospital

I wanted to talk about a specific condition that effect the Majority of young children Boys and Girls, Autism. This subject is sensitive to me because my son was diagnosed with this condition at the age of 2. When we received the diagnosis of the Autism Spectrum we were in immediate denial, we did not believe it at first but it was the cold hard truth. My wife and I went into a immediate depression and did not know how to handle this as young parents. We were 20 and 21 years young and totally freaked out and did not know what to do next. What we did know was that we had a long road ahead.

We dealt with our new life the best way we knew how, we immediately enrolled our son into several programs and and home sessions things were awesome and going good. Even tough we had great support from family friends and several programs it was still a hard thing to deal with daily. Believe me when I tell you that it can be difficult to control and bring down outbreaks of fits and uncontrollable emotions. It did hurt us to know that our child was frustrated and was not able to effectively communicate with us.

As he got older things became somewhat harder to deal with so we reached out to children’s hospital in Boston and asked about additional services. They were awesome and pointed us in all the right directions to help us and our son. We now take him there for all his Dental, Eye and physical workups. We could have not asked for anything better. Like most parents who are raising a child with Autism we do what we can and do what we need to do in order for our child to live a good and prosperous life. One thing I would never do is give up on my child NEVER!

Children’s Hospital has been somewhat of a savior to our family it just gives us a sense of security and comfortability. Funny thing is that one of his doctors also knew a Real Estate agent who knew of a available place that was opening up soon. I tell ya the house was setup perfectly for us and was perfect for our situation. The biggest thing is that I now have a piece of property I can leave my son when we are gone, I refuse to leave him in some damn home somewhere, never that. I guess you get my point this blog post when on for too long but I had to get some of this off my chest. Our family has come a long way and we plan to fight against this condition and make sure our son has the best future possible set up for him.

One more thing to all the parents out there who feel hopeless or alone remember you are not alone. Reach out to me if you feel like you need someone to talk to. I have been there and I would love to offer my support…Best to all -Joe-